Corridor Amenities Survey

There are many different types and styles of amenities the designers could include in the plans for Fayetteville's Cultural Arts Corridor.  Your input will help us decide which of these types of options are preferred by Fayetteville residents and visitors. The designers have collected photographs of public spaces from around the world that represent some of the many different types of amenities that are under consideration for the Cultural Arts Corridor. The images have been assembled into four groups:  Public Gathering Spaces, Culture and Art, Recreation and Nature, and Mobility and Connections

Please view each set of images and then choose the four options you like best from each grouping.Try to focus on the amenity or idea the photos represent, rather than specific details in each image.  These images are for the purposes of illustration. They do not represent specific designs for Fayetteville. 

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.